Cumberland Youth Soccer Association


Policies & Procedures

Fiscal Year 2018

(Revised 12/5/2017)


CYSA / P.O. Box 7625 / Cumberland, RI  02864

Table of Contents



Statement of Philosophy…………….……………………………………………….…………………….………………... 2


Articles of Association and Bylaws……………………………………………….……………………...………………. 3


CYSA Organizational Chart…………………………………………………………….………...………...………….….. 10


Executive Board (Officer)s job Descriptions ……………………………….………….…………………………… 11


Director’s Job Descriptions ……………………………………………….……….….…………………………………… 11


Fundraising …………………………………………………………………………….……..…………..……………………… 17


Scholarship/Payment Plans   …………………………………………………...………………………………………… 18


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Code of Conduct ……………………………………………….……………………….…….………………………………… 19


Calendar of Events/Deadlines…………………………………………………….…………...…………………………. 26




The Cumberland Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) is founded with the belief upon the following principles which represent the ideals within which the league shall function:


1)         The league shall be open with equal opportunity to all boys and girls regardless of the skill levels or ability they may possess (beginner to advanced) in the sport of soccer while ensuring participation for all.


2)          The league shall view sports as a pleasurable activity, which is as important a concept as understanding the competitive aspects of winning and losing.


3)      The league shall emphasize good sportsmanship. The highest standards of personal conduct are expected always from players, coaches, and spectators.


4)      The league shall foster and accentuate the idea of teamwork, which is to include players, coaches, sponsors, parents, volunteers, and board members. All members shall work together as a unit, and take pride in the accomplishments of the league. A sense of community pride shall be promoted throughout the league.



 Revised, Approved and Adopted:  December 6, 2016



This league shall be run as a non-profit organization, and shall be known as the Cumberland Youth Soccer Association, herein known as CYSA.



 CYSA will be affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) through Soccer Rhode Island (SRI), and United States Club Soccer. As such, the Cumberland Youth Soccer Association shall dedicate itself to the best interests of youth soccer, with emphasis on the organization, promotion, regulation, and development of youth soccer in the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island.


CYSA is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of such distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this association shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purposes of this association.



The membership of CYSA shall consist of Playing Members, Regular Members, and Members-At-Large.



 Any playing age youngster interested in soccer may become a playing member upon timely application and payment of the registration fee. Only active playing members in good standing with the league are eligible to participate in CYSA sponsored programs and events. Playing Members are not eligible to vote in the election of the Board of Directors, Executive Officers, or on policy matters pertaining to CYSA.



Shall be known as the Body of the league and will consist of the Board of Directors, elected Officials, and the Recreational Coach or an Assistant Recreational Coach of each team, and the Competitive Coach or an Assistant Coach (there is one vote per team total, with a different person voting for each team). Each team will be allowed only one vote by the Coach, or an Assistant Coach, as noted on the finalized team roster. The Body shall be the highest authority for: election of Officers and Directors, and; approval of additions, deletions, and changes to its By-Laws.



Any interested person, who has made a meaningful contribution to CYSA, may be nominated by any member of the Board of Directors as a Member-At-Large. Having been confirmed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, that person shall be considered a Member-At-Large for a period of one (1) year from the time of his/her election to membership. Members-At-Large have no voting privileges, but may attend any CYSA meeting to voice their personal beliefs as to how CYSA may improve.




1) The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of CYSA. It shall have full power to transact all business for CYSA that falls within the scope of CYSA. The Board of Directors shall consist of the members on the Executive Board, and ten (10) other members who will assume direction of the standing committees; beginning in 2014, the Executive Board members will consist of six (6), and the rest of the Board nine (9).  See organizational chart at the end of this document for positions.


2) At the Annual Meeting of CYSA, the voting members shall elect an Executive Board comprised of a President, Vice President of Travel Programs, Vice President­ Recreational, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar, as well as the Board of Directors. All members of the Executive Board must reside in the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island.


3) If for any reason a vacancy on the Board of Directors becomes available, the Board of Directors shall, by nomination and election, fill each vacancy for the unexpired term.


4) The Board of Directors shall adopt playing and general rules which shall be binding on all members of CYSA.


5) The Board of Directors shall not have the power to incur any obligation on behalf of CYSA, which is:

a.                   In excess of the total cash assets then held by the Treasurer and not otherwise pledged or required to meet other fixed or current financial obligations which is:

b.                  In excess of the annual budget as approved by the Board of Directors.


6) Any member of the Board who misses a total of four (4) regular business meetings of the Board of Directors in a calendar year shall there by forfeit his/her right to hold his/her respective office for the unexpired term.


7) Each Director in good standing will have one vote on CYSA matters.


8) The Board of Directors may conduct a vote via conference call or email.

 9) A Coach/Board Member shall be disciplined, up to and including removal for cause, for any of the following reasons:


a) A felony conviction during the Coach's/Board Member's term of service with the Organization;


                b) Being convicted of any crime involving a minor;


                c)  Intentional failure to declare a conflict of interest;


                d) Failure to adhere to these by-laws;


e)  Recruiting a family, player or coach to leave CYSA to go to another organization during the Coach's/Board Member's term of service with the Organization;


f) Making threatening and/or intimidating statement, either verbally or in writing, to any family, player or coach during the Coach's/Board Member's term of service with the Organization;


g) Engaging in a consistent pattern of behavior unbecoming of a Coach/Board Member; and/or   h) Engaging in a consistent pattern of any behavior that the Board deems counter to the mission of CYSA.


10) Procedures for Discipline of a Coach/Board Member for Cause.


a) Upon learning of a potential infraction, the President shall call a special meeting of the Executive Board within five (5) days from the date upon which he/she learns of it.


b) If an Executive Board Member is the individual believed to have engaged in misconduct, the Player Advocate shall be included in the special meeting and vote in that individual's place.


c) If the President is the individual believed to have engaged in misconduct, the Vice

President of Recreational Soccer shall call the meeting.


d) If the Executive Board determines that an investigation is necessary, it may instruct the Player Advocate to do so.


e) Once the Executive Board is satisfied it has enough information to impose discipline, it may do so by taking a vote. The vote shall include all Executive Board members, including the President.


                f) The proposed discipline may be imposed if it is deemed appropriate by

two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.  Appropriate discipline may include any form of discipline, up to and including removal from the Organization.


g) Any Coach/Board Member who will be subjected to removal shall be notified in writing, by email, and shall be given an opportunity to appeal the removal.  Any notice of appeal must be filed in writing, by email, with the President and/or Vice President within five days of the written notice being sent.


h) Any Coach/Board Member that the Executive Board has elected to

remove from the Organization may be reinstated only upon the approval of two-thirds of the Board of Directors.  Said vote will be held at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting, and the appealing party will be afforded an opportunity to present his/her position to the Board of Directors before such vote is taken.


i) A Coach/Board Member subjected to discipline up to and including a suspension shall be notified in writing, by email, and shall be given an opportunity to appeal the removal.  Any notice of appeal must be filed in writing, by email, with the President and/or Vice President within five days of the written notice being sent.


j) Any Coach/Board Member that the Executive Board has elected discipline up to and

including a suspension shall have that action reversed only upon the approval of two-thirds of the Executive Board.  Said vote will be held at a special meeting of the Executive Board, and the appealing party will be afforded an opportunity to present his/her position to the Executive Board before such vote is taken.


k) Individuals appealing from a disciplinary action shall meet with the Executive Board/Board of Directors at time that is convenient to the Executive Board/Board of Directors, not at the time designated by the appealing individual.


I) A refusal to meet with the Executive Board/Board of Directors shall, in and of itself, be deemed insubordination, and shall be considered by the Executive Board/Board of Directors when reviewing the individual's appeal.


m) It is within the discretion of the Executive Board to prohibit an appealing individual from engaging in all CYSA activities pending an appeal.



1) The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. He/She shall also ensure that all business transactions of CYSA will be in full compliance with the By-Laws and with the purposes of CYSA. The Executive Board shall assign all Board members to chair a committee.

 2) The Vice President of Recreation shall, in the absence of the President, assume all the duties of the President. In the absence of the President and Vice President of Recreation, the Vice President of Travel Programs shall assume all the duties of the President.  He/She shall also ensure that all business transactions of CYSA will be in full compliance with the By-Laws and with the purposes of CYSA. The VP of Recreation has the full responsibility of overseeing the recreational program in its entirety including the season-ending awards and recognition, and includes:

                a) Set league schedule - pre-season coaches' meetings, picture day, appreciation day

                b) Finalize and approve all rosters

                c) Finalize and approve game schedules

                d) Organize playoff schedules (set matchups and times, ensure referees and board members are

familiar with playoff rules, assign board members to fields for supervisory roles, etc.)

                e) Be the goodwill ambassador for the league - respond to parent concerns and questions,

starting with pre-season issues

3) It shall be the Secretary's duty to:

                a) Record and keep the minutes of all meetings of CYSA and the Board of Directors.

b) Inform the members and/or the Board of Directors of all regularly scheduled and special


                c) Maintain a calendar for scheduling all CYSA events.

d) Handle and record all correspondence with and from CYSA.

                e) All communications sent to CYSA shall be presented in writing to the Secretary.



1) Proposed amendments to these Bylaws, when petitioned by a voting member, must be submitted in writing to the Secretary and bear the signatures of at least nine (9) additional voting members of CYSA.


2) A proposed amendment to the By-Laws is then voted on by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.


3) A proposed amendment approved by the Board of Directors shall be presented at the next Annual Meeting of the CYSA or at a special meeting of the General Membership. A simple majority vote of the General Members is needed to pass/defeat any proposed amendment to the By-Laws.



Upon the dissolution of the Association, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office

of the association is located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.



1) The mailing address of CYSA shall be designated by the Executive Board after each election.

2) Review and approval of the bylaws must be done every two years at the Secretary's responsibility.

3) The CYSA Board cannot remove/withdraw/transfer from its capital account an amount over $10,000 without approval by the General Membership.



Adopted as revised at the December Board Meeting of CYSA held in Cumberland, RI on December 5, 2017.





Adopted as revised at the Annual Meeting of CYSA held in Cumberland, RI on:


December 5, 2017

Signed by Michael M. Friedland, President, and Jacqueline Hilton, Secretary

December 14, 2015

Signed by William R. Bagley Jr., President, and John Geoghegan, Secretary

December 5, 2011

Signed by Chris Moran, President, and John Geoghegan, Secretary

 April 6, 2009

                Signed by Joseph Carreiro, President and Lisa Leite, Secretary

 December 10, 2007

                Signed by Joseph Carreiro, President and Jodi Fownes, Secretary

 November 14, 2001

                Signed by Chuck Sears, President and Marcia Scott, Secretary

 November 25, 1996

                Signed by Michael F. Varone, President and Louise M. Wilcox, Secretary

 December 12, 1995

                Signed by Dave Williams, President and Marcel G. Dube, Secretary

 December 13, 1993

                Signed by Robert M. Drew, President and Kevin Powers, Treasurer




The intent of these Policies and Procedures is to help every volunteer to understand how their participation, behavior and response in situations will affect our organization.  To make clear what is acceptable and what might be considered a personal gain.  This will keep our board in line with Non-Profit Guidelines regulated by state and federal agencies.


No Board member shall personally gain by their position on this board.  All benefits received must be reported and returned to the Association.  This is to include, but not limited to, free memberships, cash incentives or refunds, tangible gifts, etc.


Officer’s Job Descriptions

President -  The President, a non-voting member of the board, shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. He/She shall also ensure that all business transactions of CYSA will be in full compliance with the By-Laws and with the purposes of CYSA.


V.P. Recreational -  The Vice President of Recreation shall, in the absence of the President, assume all the duties of the President. In the absence of the President and Vice President of Recreation, the Vice President of Competitive shall assume all the duties of the President.  He/She shall also ensure that all business transactions of CYSA will be in full compliance with the By-Laws and with the purposes of CYSA. The VP of Recreation has the full responsibility of overseeing the recreational program in its entirety including the season-ending awards and recognition, and includes:

 a) Set league schedule - pre-season coaches' meetings, picture day, appreciation day

 b) Finalize and approve all rosters

 c) Finalize and approve game schedules

 d)Organize playoff schedules (set matchups and times, ensure referees and board members are familiar with playoff rules, assign board members to fields for supervisory roles, etc.)

e) Be the goodwill ambassador for the league - respond to parent concerns and questions, starting with pre-season issues


V.P. Travel Programs - The VP of Travel Programs has the full responsibility of overseeing both the Competitive and CSP (Cumberland Select Program) programs.  This includes working with the CSP and Competitive Directors to assure that all communications to the coaches are thorough and in advance, explaining the overall objectives and structures of the programs so that well understood.  This VP will also work with the facility heads from all leagues and other facilities of choice by CYSA to assure that contracts are adhered to and programs are well set up.   He/She would also work closely with the Director of Coaching to assure that all philosophies align within the organization.


Registration -  The Registrar will create, monitor, and oversee the signup process for all CYSA programs that are offered by the organization, including leagues and tournaments.  This task is being done with collaboration from the VP’s of Rec., Competitive, and CSP, and includes all individual player registrations.  This Position will have a Credit Card assigned to it for authorized purchases.  These purchases are including but limited to Tournaments, Supplies, Payment of Bills, etc.


Treasurer - The Treasurer has the full responsibility to pay all approved supplier purchases, and collect payments from participates in registered programs.  This task shall be done with full collaboration from the VP’s of Rec., Training, Competitive, and CSP prior to initiation of program registration.   

a) Pay all vendor, facilities, training, referees etc. invoices for the association

b) Facilitate all organizational bank accounts in conjunction with the President to assure ease of use in paying bills, etc.

c) Work in conjunction with all program directors to assure that every program, training, or clinic put in place provides at least a break-even status.

d) Work with Accountant/CPA of choice to assure association taxes are completed by year end (March 31)

e) Deposit all payments in bank accordingly

f) Report out monthly financial status to Executive Board during monthly meetings.



a) Record and keep the minutes of all meetings of CYSA and the Board of Directors.

b) Inform the members and/or the Board of Directors of all regularly scheduled and special meetings.

c) Maintain a calendar for scheduling all CYSA events.

d) Handle and record all correspondence with and from CYSA.


Director’s Job Descriptions


-Responsible for developing and improving coaches so players maximize their potential, at all ages. Coaches Development:  Provide coaches with a program for development and learning. This includes organizing licensing courses to coaches at all levels, through SRI. Courses from Novice to E licenses will be available locally every year.  Be aware of new ways of coaching, seminars, and learning.  Provide coaches with feedback through observation, mentoring, and guidance.  Provide Coaches with the CYSA Coaches Curriculum. This is a guideline for player development and coaching at every age division. Maintain and update the Curriculum as needed. Staff Recruitment and Assignment:  Identifying, placing, and maintaining relationships with qualified coaches.  Matching proper coaches with the proper team.  Identifying each coach's strengths and weaknesses.  Finding and recruiting new coaches.

-Coaching Philosophies and Culture:  Creating a positive environment, conducive for success.  Maintaining the CYSA Coach's Philosophy, making sure coaches respect and abide by it.  Maintaining positive relationships with coaches.  Updating the Coaches Corner Website.  Supporting coach’s needs.



-Ensure the smooth operation of the CYSA concessions stand.  

- Acquire the food license renewal

-Doing all the BJ's shopping for the concessions stand and loading concession items into the trailer before game days.

-Placing all Michael's Meats & Honeydew orders before games and picking up Honeydew at 6:15 AM on game days.

-Ensure that all concessions equipment is clean (coffee makers, grilling utensils)

-Ensure gas for the generator and propane for the grill are filled prior to games

-Take inventory of items in the concessions stand.

-Organize the trailer

-Ensure that each team provides a volunteer for games throughout the season.

-Assist VP of Recreational Soccer with Appreciation Day

-Ensure enough Pizza and Donuts are available during the day for each of the age groups

-Arrange for volunteers from the teams to assist with serving and cleaning

-Oversee concession operation throughout the day


-The Friday before the start of Rec. season, purchase all necessary inventory as per list.  Try to pre-load by purchasing enough stock for 2 weeks including gasoline and propane.

·         Saturday’s

·         6:00 am pick up the donuts from Donut Shop (Honey Dew)

·         6:30 am Pick up the bags of ice and gasoline from Cumberland Farms

·         7:00 am Set Up the facility.  Generator should be setup asap to get the coffee brewing.

·         10:00 am Pick up the meat from Michaels

·         11:00 am Start grilling food

·         3:00 pm Start the break down



-Oversee all equipment related matters for CYSA

-Responsible for relationships with vendors as it relates to equipment for CYSA.

-Responsible for ordering of all Equipment for Recreational, Select and Competitive (Full uniforms, additional gear, balls, pinnies, cones, ice-packs).

-Work with director of sponsorship to get all recreational teams logos in a timely manner.

-Deliver all logos to vendor of choice to get equipment for Recreational Coaches meeting.



-Make sure the fields are ready for all Rec and Competitive/CSP home games.

-This includes:  Making sure the fields are properly lined.  Nets are in place and anchored.  Corner flags are in place. Maintain all CYSA field equipment/supplies.  Order paint/supplies as needed.  Repair nets as needed. Obtain Field Permits for all CYSA games and practices for both Rec and Competitive/CSP, as well as any Camps or Programs through the Town/School System. Coordinate with Grass Roots to ensure fields are fertilized (Tucker and Cumberland Hill). Coordinate field availability for all Competitive/CSP game changes with VP of Competitive. Coordinate game cancellations due to weather/field conditions with appropriate parties.  Work with WWIS, Forekicks, or any facility CYSA has chosen to practice in to coordinate times, locations and then provide overall practice schedules for Fall, Winter and Spring.

-Make sure portable restrooms are available at each field when needed for all games, practices and trainings.  Make sure all portable restrooms are chained down to avoid tipping.



-Plan and coordinate ways to raise funds for CYSA programs

-Raise money through various fundraisers throughout the year. (examples: Comedy Night, Apparel Sales, Holiday Sales, etc.)

-Recruit helpers for a weeklong event known as Cumberland fest and attend their monthly meetings.

-Send out emails and submit articles to the local paper for seniors who have played in CYSA for a college scholarship.

-Coordinate ‘Picture Day’ by setting up times for teams, working with the photographer and ensuring that the day runs smoothly


Player Development/Training Camps:

-Provide training opportunities throughout the calendar year in order to properly develop our players at all levels

-Maintain an age and level appropriate training curriculum; Stay up to date on player development techniques and curriculums

-Provide supplemental opportunities for players outside of their team practices, but in support of the established coaching guidelines and curriculum.

-Establish and maintain relationships with the coaches and be able to provide feedback and insight into current or established training techniques

-Establish and maintain a network of trainers available to work with our players on various skills throughout the year; schedule these trainers for training sessions

-Work with different facilities (WWIS, local schools, CYSA field coordinator, etc.) to obtain field time for training

-Work within GotSoccer to set up schedules and registration for our players to sign up for training

-Provide communications to players and coaches regarding registration for, preparation for and feedback from training opportunities

-Personally, attend trainings to develop opinions on appropriateness of training

-Make sure any company that you hire for training is fully insured.  

-Rugrats Spring Program should run 8 weeks within the months May & June.

-Rugrats Fall Program should run length of REC season.   Coordinate with REC VP and Equipment Director for end of the season awards & the necessary amount of balls and shirts for the program.  

-Work with Director of CSP, VP of REC & Competitive to help facilitate any trainings that they need.  Work with VP of REC to establish training program for the REC season.

-Work with any / all trainers to establish the details of all / any training programs they are conducting for CYSA programs.

-Work with coaching director / CSP director or Competitive VP to help individual teams in need of extra training.  

-Help registrar with details of Camp programs for registrations.   

-(NEW) CYSA futures program is for 3, 4, 5, 6-year old’s.  Program should run Jan - Mar in school gym for 2 hours.  Secure training company by Nov 1st.  

-Based off practice schedule for the winter between local gyms and WWIS, need to set up training programs for foot skills, goalie, etc.   on days that can maximize attendance for any program you are going to set up.  

-Example of winter programs to set up:

Nov 20th - Jan 29th Foot skills 2 hours Community School 6 & 7 pm 2 separate age groups 7-10 for hour 1 and 11-15 for hour 2

Feb 12th - April 30th Futsal 2 hours Community School   6 & 7 pm 2 separate age groups 7-10 for hour 1 and 11-15 for hour 2

Nov 20th - Jan 29th Goalie Clinic 1 hour 5pm at WWIS   /   Feb 12 - April 30 Striker training  1 hour 5pm WWIS)


Player Advocate/Sponsors:

-Responsible for representing the players when conflicts or concerns arise regarding any aspect of their soccer experience

-The Player Advocate will receive all requests for financial aid or reduction of registration fees.

-Work closely and mediating with parents, coaches, and other board members when issues arise – including but not limited to game related and parental concerns. He/She is the main point of communication and follow up for the resolution and course of action in a timely manner to the player/parents/coaches involved in the matter.

-Ensure all CYSA policies and procedures are adhered to while making a decision and again once a decision is made in part resolving any conflict or issue that arises.

-Additional responsibilities are added throughout the year

-Assist the VP of Competitive and the VP of Recreation on building and maintaining indoor/outdoor practice schedules and resolving conflicts that arise between various teams,

-Assist the VP of Competitive where needed with ensuring rosters are built for the outdoor season in a timely fashion through communication and follow up with SRI or wherever needed.

-Responsible for soliciting new sponsors, organizing sponsorship information and maintaining relationships with sponsors

-Send out letters to potential sponsors and follow-up to obtain sponsorships

-Provide list of sponsors with their special requests to director of equipment

-Provide list of field sponsors to sign vendor for production of field signs

-Assist in collection of sponsorship fees



-Ensure that the required number of referees are available for all games throughout the year.

-Responsible for the scheduling, education, training, and supervision of the referees.

-Key time frames for scheduling include Spring SuperLiga games (April – June), Recreational Games (August – November), and Fall SuperLiga games (September – November).

-Alongside scheduling, there are multiple opportunities throughout the year for mandatory training and certification sessions through RISRC (RI State Referee Committee) that need to be communicated to all registered referees.

-Monitor referees during games and ensure that they are following all referee protocols

-Provide necessary feedback to our referees to ensure that they are developing appropriately



-The Competitive Director oversees implementing the competitive program in its entirety.  This includes but is not limited to:

 -Coordinating competitive league schedules and rosters with facilities

 -Scheduling pre-season coaches' meetings to explain the goals and expectations for the seasons

 -Finalize and approve all competitive rosters

 -Finalize and approve facilities game schedules

 -Approve all ideas, rosters, league choices and structural changes of the program to assure it is in line with the CSP program so that it is well in line as the feeder system for CSP.

-Be the goodwill ambassador for the league - respond to parent concerns and questions, starting with pre-season issues


Competitive Select Program (CSP):

-Serve as manager and coordinator for the expanding Competitive Select Program (CSP)

-Recruit qualified coaches

-Setup up schedules, obtain field time, recruit evaluators, and advertise dates for tryouts

-Work with VP of Competitive and Competitive Committee in setting up tryout protocol and running of tryouts

-Establish a communications protocol for coaches to follow when notifying players after tryouts

-Provide support to VP of Competitive and Registrar in ensuring players are fully registered and set up on the appropriate teams

-Maintain CSP documentation (agreement, waivers, etc.) and coordinate, via the coaches, the distribution / collection of documentation from the players

-Provide support to VP of Travel Programs for the registration of teams in the different leagues (NSL, The SuperLiga, WWIS, ForeKicks, etc.) throughout the seasons

-Provide support to VP of Travel Programs in the registration of teams in various tournaments

-Establish appropriate budgets for CSP teams based on anticipated expenses to the teams; establish a cost per player based on these estimates

-Maintain records for each team’s budget and expenses

-Promote the program throughout and outside of the community



-Provide a program of fundraising events to implement throughout the calendar year to provide CYSA with funds to deposit and put back towards organizational events.


-Effective immediately for all events starting December 1, 2017, there will be no individual team fundraising within our organization.  All fundraising within our organization will be set up by our Fundraising Director (currently looking for one for 2018) and all funds will be given to our Treasurer for depositing.  Use of funds from CYSA Fundraising to be determined by the Board of Directors.


-CYSA/CSP logos are not approved to be used on any letters, jerseys, shirts, shorts, or any item not approved by the CYSA Board prior to using.  No exceptions.  If one chooses to accept any monies from any contributing parents or companies associated with team parents, the monies should be made out to the coach, and deposited into the coach's own account.  CYSA's tax ID# will not be given out for use to create accounts, etc.  A coach can use the funds towards whatever he/she would like to purchase having to do with CYSA items from our gear site or towards items without our logos but with a company sponsor logo, but that is it.

If any fundraising is completed against any of the guidelines set above, and any CYSA or CSP logos are used, all funds must be given to CYSA Treasurer for depositing.  Those funds will not be provided to any individual team and will be put towards the whole organization as chosen by the Board of Directors.


Player Advocate/Sponsorships:

The Player Advocate will receive all requests for financial aid or reduction of registration fees.  The Player Advocate will review every application and then present his or her decision for each application to be presented to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board, along with the Player Advocate will make a final decision on all aid given.  

The Player Advocate will notify each applicant of the decision.

The Treasurer will determine a payment plan and notify the applicant, as well as notify the director of the program.

He/She will send out letters to all previous year sponsors for Recreational Program by mid-April, and work on securing sponsors for Recreational program.  Any recommendations from other Board members should go through Sponsorship Director.


Scholarships/Payment Plans

Scholarship Award of $750.00 will be given to a maximum of 2 candidates annually.

Candidates will be chosen based on the procedure outlined in the application.  

All applications will go to the Director of Fundraising and the Executive Board.

Director of Fundraising will narrow the candidates to 3.

Final candidates will be decided by the Director of Fundraising and the Executive Board via vote.


Payment Plans will be decided amongst the Directors of the program and the Executive Board.  The Treasurer will finalize the plan agreement and notify the participants.  All payment plans must be 100% collected by March 1 to conform with the CYSA fiscal year.



No single director will make purchases or payments on behalf of the Association of more than $200 without first obtaining consent from the Executive Board.  If purchases or payments have been previously budgeted for and approved, those purchases, or payments can be made.  This includes Tournaments.  All purchases must be followed up with a receipt to our Treasurer and the program that the purchase relates to for record keeping purposes.


All Directors will do their best to provide a budget for each year (January-December) by the first meeting in April of each year.  These are to provide a guide for expenses for the year and cost of programs.  Any surplus from any programs approved budget will be moved to a Capital Improvements Fund.




Discipline and Appeals Policy


Instructions for Use of Manual:

This Manual is designed for the entire membership of CYSA. It is very important that you read this manual, and go over this with your players and parents.

Everyone on the team is responsible to know the CYSA Rules and the Disciplinary Chart uses for player, coach and or spectator infractions.

We strongly suggest that you email a copy of this manual to all members of the team and instruct everyone concerned to be informed of the rules prior to the start of the season.



The CYSA Code of Conduct should remind members that they are required to operate within the spirit of the rules as well as the letter of the law.

CYSA philosophy is to find ways to change the behavior of individuals who run afoul of the rules.


Regarding sanctions, that philosophy plays out as follows:

1. Players are sanctioned according to the standard sanctions outlined in this manual unless behavior warrants otherwise.

2. Coaches are generally placed on probation for an initial offense (unless specific

Sanctions are detailed in this Manual). Subsequent offenses will result in suspension.

3. Parents and Other Family Members or Spectators may be suspended for unruly behavior.



The Code of Conduct and Penalty Guidelines are to be read to and understood by all coaches, assistant coaches, players and parents of each CYSA registered team. All coaches are instructed to review this material with their players and parents. Players added to teams after start dates, will be required to read the document at the time of their registration.

Player Code of Conduct

  • I will play soccer because I want to, not because others want me to.
  • I will remember that soccer is an opportunity to learn and have fun.
  • I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents always.
  • I will remember that winning isn’t everything, that having fun, playing fair, improving my skills, making friends, and giving my best efforts are the most important aspects of youth soccer.
  • I deserve to play in an environment that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol; and expect everyone to refrain from their use at all soccer games.
  • I will do the best I can each day, remembering that all players have talents and weaknesses, the same as I do.
  • I will treat my coaches, other players and coaches, and fans with respect always; regardless of race, sex, creed, or abilities, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.
  • I will follow coaching direction and will not be disruptive during practice or games, nor will I “mouth off” or use bad language.
  • If I have a problem with something, I will discuss it with my coach at the earliest opportunity, rather than let it grow into a bigger problem later.
  • I will be on time for practices and games and will notify my coach if I cannot attend. I will make every effort to attend all games and practices.
  • I will concentrate on playing soccer by always giving my best effort, both in practice and in games.
  • I will respect my opponents, whether they have more or less ability than me and regardless of whether I win or lose.
  • I will be modest and respectful when I win, and gracious when I lose.
  • I will show respect for the authority of the referee, even though I may sometimes disagree with his or her calls.
  • I will control my temper, resist the temptation to retaliate, and exercise self-control.
  • I will play by the rules always, and if I don’t understand the rules, will attempt to learn them so I can become a better player.
  • I will conduct myself with honor and dignity and treat other players as I would like to be treated.  I know that always, I represent Franklin Youth Soccer, my team and my town.



The Cumberland Youth Soccer Association supports youth soccer activity that is governed by a strong sense of individual and team sportsmanship.

This Code of Conduct and Penalty Guidelines has been prepared as a guide to the principles and expectations of CYSA and is intended to apply to everybody involved in CYSA activities, regardless of their role or affiliation. Adherence to the spirit as well as the letter of the Code is required.

Persons unwilling to abide by this Code should reconsider their involvement in CYSA activities.



CYSA believes in the principles of fair play, ethical behavior and the right of every

Individual to fully enjoy the sport of soccer without undue interference from others.

CYSA recognizes that participation in competitive activities is a source of strong feelings which will often lead to misunderstandings, disagreements and other conflicts.  However, CYSA also believes that every participant has a duty to respect the right of competitors to hold conflicting views.

CYSA, therefore, expects its coaches, players, referees and spectators, as well as their friends and families to deal with conflicts in a spirit of good sportsmanship and to cooperate in promoting the enjoyment of soccer to the greatest extent possible.

We advise a 24 Hour “Cooling off Period” to ensure cooler heads prevail.



  • Vulgarity by coaches, players or spectators directed towards anyone.
  • Harassment of referees, coaches or players by anyone.
  • Physical violence or threat of violence directed toward anyone or encouraged by anyone.
  • Verbal or physical assault on a referee. Physical assault is defined as any physical contact initiated by a player, coach, team official, spectator, elected officer or appointed official.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in and around the playing area before, during or after a youth match.
  • Use of illegal drugs under any circumstance.


CYSA expects coaches, referees and spectators to conform to the spirit and intent of applicable rules always.



Coaches are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their assistant coaches, players and spectators.



The behavior of the coach is the most important guide for player and spectator behavior. The coach can exert strong player and spectator control by the example he/she sets, and by a few words of caution directed to the appropriate place when necessary.



CYSA has acted in support of good conduct and referees are expected to use their authority to maintain acceptable conduct on the sidelines as well as on the field.

CYSA supports the authority of a referee to dismiss any coach, player or spectator from the area of the match for failure to comply with this code and to terminate the match if necessary. Referees are expected whenever possible to advise coaches of any unacceptable conduct and to give the coach an opportunity to correct the situation before taking other corrective action.

Referees shown to have misused their authority will be held to be in violation of this Code and subject to appropriate penalties.



Any behavior deemed unacceptable by this Code of Conduct will be dealt with as provided in the CYSA Rules and Regulations.

Suspensions, fines, periods of probation or team dissolution may result from violations of the Code by members and others subject to the authority of CYSA including players, coaches, team officials, elected officials and appointed officials or referees.

In the event of a person being sent off, suggested punishments are in addition to any automatic suspensions as the result of being sent off.

All parties subject to enforcement or disciplinary actions are entitled to an appeal.

Each Program under CYSA will have a designated person(s) required to be notified of all conduct issues.



Required Notifications


Required Notifications


VP of Recreation

Player Advocate

Executive Board

Open Trainings


Director of Player Development

Player Advocate

Executive Board


VP of Recreation

Player Advocate

Executive Board


VP of Travel Programs

Competitive Director

Player Advocate

Executive Board


VP of Recreation

Player Advocate

Executive Board


VP of Travel Programs

CSP Director

Player Advocate

Executive Board


Failure to properly notify the appropriate persons could result in disciplinary actions, including suspension.




All requests for appeals must be in writing to the required persons above within 5 Days of the decision or infraction.  

Appeals will be heard in a timely manner and not to exceed 14 Days from the time the appeal request is received.

At the appeal hearing, written statements may be introduced, however, attendance should be limited to persons directly involved, those required for notification (listed above), and the coach of the team involved.  Special considerations should be requested at the time of the hearing request.


Suggested Disciplinary Chart



MINIMUM Discipline



2 Games


C, S

3 Games

Foul/Abusive Language

C, P, S

1 Games

Threatening Gestures


1 Games

Threatening Gestures

C, S

2 Games

Assault of a Coach/Team Official (Not Fighting)

C, P, S

2 Games

Referee Assault

C, P, S

3 Months

Referee Abuse

C, P, S

3 Games

Referee Abuse of Minor

C, P, S

6 Games

Referee Assault of a Minor

C, P, S

3 Years

Verbal Threats

C, S

2 Games

Verbal Threats


1 Games

Violent Conduct


1 Games

Violent Conduct w/Intent to Injure


5 Games

Serious Foul Play


1 Games

Removing Team from Field


1 Games

Racial or Discriminatory Abuse

C, P, S

5 Games


* Assault is an attempt to initiate harmful or offensive contact with a person,

or a threat to do so.

* Fighting: displaying or engaging in violence, combat, or aggression.

* An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an ability

to cause the harm.

* Abuse: to treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence,

especially regularly or repeatedly


Whistle Blower Policy

Cumberland Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) requires all members, including board members, coaches, players, volunteers and participating families to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. As representatives of CYSA, we must practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  


Reporting Responsibility

This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable all members and others to raise serious concerns internally so that CYSA can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions. It is the responsibility of all board members, officers, and volunteers to report concerns about violations of CYSA’s code of ethics or suspected violations of law or regulations that govern CYSA’s operations.


No Retaliation

It is contrary to the values of CYSA for anyone to retaliate against any board member, officer or volunteer who in good faith reports an ethics violation, or a suspected violation of law, such as a complaint of discrimination, or suspected fraud, or suspected violation of any regulation governing the operations of CYSA.  Anyone who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including permanent suspension from all CYSA programs.


Reporting Procedure

CYSA has an open-door policy and suggests that anyone share their questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with the board. If you are not comfortable speaking with the board or you are not satisfied with the board’s response, you are encouraged to speak with Soccer RI.  Members are required to report complaints or concerns about suspected ethical and legal violations in writing to the CYSA’s executive board, who has the responsibility to investigate all reported complaints.  Anyone with concerns or complaints may also submit their concerns in writing directly to the executive board or Soccer RI.


Executive Board

The CYSA’s executive board is responsible for ensuring that all complaints about unethical or illegal conduct are investigated and resolved. The directors will advise the executive board of all complaints and their resolution and will report to the members or persons involved.


Accounting and Auditing Matters

The CYSA’s executive board shall immediately notify CYSA’s paid third party certified public accountant, currently that is Arthur Lambi, CPA, of any concerns or complaint regarding corporate accounting practices, internal controls or auditing and work with the committee until the matter is resolved.


Acting in Good Faith

Anyone filing a written complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation. Any allegations that prove not to be substantiated and which prove to have been made maliciously or knowingly to be false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.



Violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by the complainant. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.


Handling of Reported Violations

The CYSA’s executive board will notify the person who submitted a complaint and acknowledge receipt of the reported violation or suspected violation. All reports will be promptly investigated, and appropriate corrective action will be taken if warranted by the investigation.

Cumberland Youth Soccer Association (CYSA)

Policy approved by the Board of Directors on 1.2.18.


Michael Friedland



Craig Force

VP Recreation


Chris Butler

VP Travel Program


Bob Shaw  



Scott Dauphinee



Jackie Hilton      


Curtiss Grieve

CSP Director


Brian Pacocha

Player Advocate & Sponsorships                            


Mark Finder                       

Concessions Director


Brandon Lemois

Fields Director  


Jay McGinn

Referees Director


Kelly Wilkie

Director of Coaching & Trainings

Anthony Caetano

Equipment Director


CYSA Timeline / Calendar of Events

January -

·         EOM Quarterly Executive Board Meeting (Before Feb. Regular Board Meeting)

·         Set week of competitive tryouts for Fall and book unbiased evaluators

·         Rugrats Spring (2, 3, 4, 5 ages) Should secure trainers by Feb 1st.  Open registrations.


February -  

·         Superliga Spring Registrations Due

·         Spring Rosters need to be submitted to SRI

·         Additional CSP Rosters to SRI for NSL

·         Typically, first SRC referee training for referees to become USSF certified to work competitive matches


March -

·         All Payment Plans need to be Paid in Full by March 1st.

·         Sponsor Request Forms need to be sent out.

·         Spring Rugrats link opened

·         Competitive/CSP Spring fields coordinated and created

·         Referee assignor to attend Superliga preseason meeting


April -

·         New Fiscal Year begins

·         Create and send discount vouchers for board members (Rec. $30)

·         Open Fall Recreation Registration 4/1 - 6/15     Late - (6/16 - 7/15)

·         Open up CSP Registration 4/1 - 7/31

·         Possible Camp to take place during Spring Break if coordinated by the Director of Training

·         Send out flyers for the Recreational program through all schools

·         EOM Quarterly Executive Board Meeting (Before May Regular Board Meeting)

·         Director of Referees makes Superliga assignments for the Spring Season

·         Tax return due

·         Spring Rugrats Program should run April & May for 8 weeks.


May -

·         CSP Tryouts link needs to be open

·         Open links for ALL Summer programs

·         Rugrats Fall (2, 3, 4, 5 ages) Should secure trainers by June 1st


June -

·         Target the first week of June for CSP Tryouts

·         Possible Camp to take place if coordinated last Fall by the Director of Training

·         June 15th last day for Rec. & Rugrats Registrations

·         Open Late Fee Registrations for Rec. & Rugrats end date 6/15 - 7/15

·         All CSP uniforms and practice jerseys ordered by the end of June.


July -

·         Submit Fall Rec. jersey order

·         Form Rec. Teams and Rosters

·         July 15th Close Recreational and Rugrat Registrations

·         NSL Fall Registrations Due for CSP

·         Target 3rd week in July to complete Rec. Rosters and enter teams into GotSoccer

·         Provide info to Equipment Director to Uniform ordering for Rec.

·         End of July Fall CSP Rosters due to SRI

·         Fall Rec. schedules created

·         EOM Quarterly Executive Board Meeting (Before Aug. Regular Board Meeting)

·         Rec referee registration closes for club referees when player registration closes.  We accept all who register no matter how many to give everyone an opportunity.


August -

·         Possible 2 camps to take place if coordinated last Fall by the Director of Training

·         Recreation Coaches Meeting (Coaches Packets handed out)

·         Fall Recreation program fields coordinated and created

·         Start of Fall Recreation Season (Try to leave 2 weeks of practices before)

·         Typically, the second SRC referee training for referees to become USSF certified in order to work competitive matches.

·         USSF Referees can register to work rec matches at anytime

·         Referee training for club referees.  Typically, two sessions are held.  It is important to hold the trainings on different days of the week and during different weeks to give everyone the opportunity to attend.  We hold one training which is focused on older referees and another for beginners.  We get a guest trainer (whomever is assigned as the Cumberland mentor) for the older referees and the Director of Referees does the one for the beginner referees.  USSF certified referees are exempt from the training although they are encouraged to attend the one for the older referees.  If club referees do not attend at least one training, they are dropped from the referee roster for the rec season.  These rules can be adjusted at the discretion of the DOR.

·         Last Saturday in August Rec. season begins (unless modified for field reasons)

·         Referee assignments for the rec season are done using Got Soccer.  Assignments are typically done on Tuesday to allow enough time to fill games which are rejected.  Once all games are accepted, the DOR prints out the referee assignment roster and brings it to the concession pavilion prior to the first match on Saturday.  After each week’s games, the Director of Referees will make any adjustments in the schedule based upon referee switches, missed assignments, etc. then runs the pay report in Got Soccer.  The pay report is sent to the treasurer for creation of the pay envelopes which are distributed the following week except for the final week of the season which the pay envelopes are distributed after the referees complete their final week’s assignments.

·         Concessions - The Friday before the start of Rec. season, purchase all necessary inventory as per list.  Try to pre-load by purchasing enough stock for 2 weeks including gasoline and propane.

·         Saturday’s

·         6:00 am pick up the donuts from Donut Shop (Honey Dew)

·         6:30 am Pick up the bags of ice and gasoline from Cumberland Farms

·         7:00 am Set Up the facility.  Generator should be setup asap to get the coffee brewing.

·         10:00 am Pick up the meat from Michaels

·         11:00 am Start grilling food

·         3:00 pm Start the break down

·         Concession Supply List:


Retail Location                                                  Item                                      Quantity per week

Restaurant Depot                                            Popcorn Bags                                     0.2

Cumberland Farms                                          Propane                                               0.5

Cumberland Farms                                          Gasoline Gals.                                    5.0

Cumberland Farms                                          Ice Cubes lbs.                                     90

BJ’S                                                                        Napkins                                                Buy for Season

                BJ’S                                                                        Paper Towels                                     Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Coffee Cups                                       Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Ziploc Bags                                          Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Trash Bags                                           Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Foil Sheets                                          Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Water Gallons                                   10

BJ’S                                                                        Water bottle cases                          4.0

BJ’S                                                                        OJ                                                           0.2

BJ’S                                                                        Apple Juice                                         0.2

BJ’S                                                                        Gatorade                                             5.0

BJ’S                                                                        Diet Coke                                            1

BJ’S                                                                        Coke                                                      1

BJ’S                                                                        Sprite                                                    1

BJ’S                                                                        Chocolate Milk                                  1

BJ’S                                                                        Ring Pop                                              1

BJ’S                                                                        Air Head                                               1

BJ’S                                                                        Starburst                                             1

BJ’S                                                                        Sour Patch kids                                  1

BJ’S                                                                        Swedish Fish                                      1

BJ’S                                                                        Skittles                                                 1

BJ’S                                                                        Oreo                                                      1

BJ’S                                                                        Chips Ahoy                                         1

BJ’S                                                                        Chips                                                     1

BJ’S                                                                        Hot Chocolate Season                    Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Coffee                                                  Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Creamer                                              Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Sugar                                                     Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Sweet n Low                                       Buy for Season

BJ’S                                                                        Cheese                                                 1

BJ’S                                                                        Mustard                                               1

BJ’S                                                                        Ketchup                                               1

BJ’S                                                                        Relish                                                    1

BJ’S                                                                        Hot Dog Rolls                                     40-60

BJ’S                                                                        Hamburger Rolls                               40-60

BJ’S                                                                        Muffins Dozen                                   1.5

Michael's Meats                                               Hamburgers                                       40-60

Michael's Meats                                               Hot Dogs                                              40-60

Honey Dew                                                         Honey Buns Dozen                          5

Honey Dew                                                         Donuts Dozen                                    5

Paper and Provisions WH                              Popcorn                                               0.3


September -

·         Concessions Picture Day

·         This is a very busy day as people hang around all day.  Make sure you have enough stock.  You can easily sell double the donuts and meat.

·         Open Competitive Registration

·         Inquire within school’s available gym time for winter season

·         Competitive Evaluations (Target end of month)

·         Director of Referees makes any Superliga assignments for the Superliga Fall Tournament


October -

·         Order items for Rec. Appreciation Day

·         Register Winter Sessions I & II (WWIS, ForeKicks, Futsal, etc.)

·         Target the end of the month for Competitive Rosters due (WWIS, ForeKicks, Futsal, etc.)

·         Schedule Rec. Appreciation Day (End of the Month or Beginning of November).  You can rent out space or have it the day of the last game in a separate part of the park while the teams are together.

·         Secure Training for CYSA Futures program (u4-u7) that should run from January - March in a school gym for 2 hours.

·         Concession Playoffs

·         This is a very busy day as people hang around all day.  Make sure you have enough stock.  You can easily sell double the donuts and meat.

·         Concession U16 Playoffs/Appreciation Day

·         Supply pizza and soda and paper goods for free for all teams.  Supreme pizza will supply pizza $7 for Cheese and $8 for peperoni.  Bring a table or have one brought to Tucker.

·         EOM Quarterly Executive Board Meeting (Before Oct. Regular Board Meeting)


November -

·         Concessions - Appreciation Day U6-U13

·         Supply Donuts, Pizza and drinks to all.

·         80 dozen donuts from Dunkin at Chapel Four Corners.  Dunkin can supply the quantity and give a discount.

·         80-100 pizzas from Supreme Pizza at the same discount $7 cheese $8 Pepperoni

·         Coffee and soda supplied by Dave Spaulding Catering, 400 cups of coffee, 60 bottles of soda.

·         Set up coffee for self-service, fill cups with juice then soda and display them on the table prior to the rush.

·         Pay for pizza, caterer and donuts

·         Purchase juice, napkins, plates, 7 oz. cups from BJ’s

·         Grape Juice         12 bottles

·         Apple Juice         12 bottles

·         Cranberry            12 bottles


·         Secure Camps (Possible Spring Break Camp, June Camp, & 2 in August) information and dates for the following summer by the end of the month.

·         Send out email blasts over the next few weeks for Holiday gift options for the camps.

·         Open Winter Season Skills Programs (Goalie, Striker, Future’s, etc.)

·         Start of Competitive Season (WWIS, ForeKicks, RI Futsal, etc.)


December -

·         General Meeting is held for Board elections (Coaches get 1 vote for topics as well as elections)

·         Session 2 Scheduling

·         NSL Spring Registrations Due

·         Complete all Competitive and CSP Rosters for approval by EOY