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What does CYSA do when it rains?

We make every effort to play all games as scheduled. However, safety is our main concern. CYSA works with the Cumberland Parks & Recreation Director to determine if games can be played. If the decision is that the fields are not safe, then the games will be postponed. It is possible that morning games are postponed and afternoon games are played (or vice versa), so please check the website for updates. Emails are also sent out to the Coaches and Registrants. Game decisions will be made one hour prior to the first games of the day (typically by 7am.) If you do not receive an email, or there is nothing posted on the website, then assume you are playing. Soccer is occasionally played in the rain.

Are rainouts rescheduled?

Yes, every attempt to reschedule games is made. Please check the website for updated schedules, or speak with your Coach or a Board Member. There are some instances where games cannot be rescheduled.

What seasons does CYSA play?

CYSA's most popular program is the Fall Recreational program. In recent years we have had well over 1000 players, 100 coaches, 100 referees, and countless volunteers. The Fall Recreation season runs from the end of August through the end of October.

CYSA has over 300 players participate in the statewide
winter/spring competitive program, on about 19 teams. Competitive tryouts typically take place in October. Only our CSP teams participate in a statewide fall competitive program. Check the website regularly for announcements on teams and tryouts.

How do I register my child to play in the recreation league?

Registration is on-line or during two walk-in registrations. Instructions are on the CYSA home page.

Will all players be placed on a team in the recreation league?

All players that register during the normal registration timeframe are placed on a team. We will make every attempt to place players that register during or after late registration on teams, though occasionally we have to put players on a waiting list until spots open up.

When will my child be taken off the waiting list, and how do I pay then?

As soon as a slot opens up, we will place your child on a team, which can happen anytime up until the season begins. There is no guarantee that a slot will open up, however.  Assuming it does, you will be able to pay with a credit card or you can send a check. No player will be placed on a team until payment has been received.

Does CYSA provide financial assistance to participate?

Our goal is to have as many children as possible participate in soccer. As such, we do offer financial assistance to those that need and request it. Contact either CYSA President or VP of Recreation to inquire. We certainly also encourage volunteering to give back if you do receive financial assistance.

Who is eligible to play in the CYSA recreational league?

New registration applications will be accepted from Cumberland and non-Cumberland residents interested. 

How are the recreational teams formed?

Teams are formed based upon team balance, previous year rankings collected, etc. i.e., players of different skill levels and experience are divided randomly among teams in an attempt to ensure that all teams have equal chances to win. The selections are random, and occasionally an exceptionally strong or weak team is created by chance.

In order to maintain team balance we cannot accommodate requests for placement on teams, or placement with friends in these divisions. Players will have a wide variety of skills on a team, from the experienced to the very beginner. Please realize that there can be literally hundreds of special requests. Everyone believes their special request is reasonable. Even if it were mathematically possible to meet everyone's requests, your volunteers simply cannot do it in the short time in which teams are formed.

Teams are also not formed by neighborhood or school. Players may or may not be on teams with children that they already know. This is an opportunity for players to form new friendships and learn new skills.

We will place a coach or a sponsor with their child. We will also place siblings on the same team, if they are in the same division, unless instructed otherwise by the parent.

When will I hear from the coach?

You should hear from your coach sometime during the two weeks prior to your first practice. The recreational season begins the last Saturday in August and practices generally are scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to this for ages U5 and up. 

Who do I contact regarding my child's team?

Any questions can be sent via email to a CYSA Board member. A CYSA board member will contact you within a few days.

How do I determine the age group my child plays in?

Divisions are determined based on your child's birth year. This is mandated by the state and US Youth Soccer. Please see samples below:

U16: 2002, 2003, 2004

U13: 2005, 2006, 2007

U10: 2008, 2009

U8: 2010, 2011

U5/U6: 2012, 2013

Can my son or daughter play “Up” or “Down” an age division?

CYSA does not allow for this except on one of two conditions. One, if there is a medical reason why a boy or a girl necessitates the need to play in a younger age division. In this case, the parents must contact CYSA and inform them of the reason and seek a decision. The Board will review and make appropriate, final decision. Size of the player is not an acceptable reason. Secondly, if a Competitive player played “Up” the previous season in our Competitive program or another Premier club, then they would be allowed to play “Up” in Recreational as well. BUT, CYSA reserves the right to place children in an age group appropriate for their level of development.

What kind of equipment will my child need?

CYSA will provide a uniform, consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks. The uniform will be marked in accordance with AYSO guidelines. Every player must wear appropriate athletic footwear. Regulation soccer shoes, gym shoes, or sneakers (with or without rubber cleats) are permissible in all CYSA competition. Soccer shoes with removable cleats will be allowed, only if the cleat is screwed into the sole of the shoe. No metal cleats or toe cleats are allowed. Shin guards are REQUIRED in all AYSO competitions and practices at all levels.

Each player must bring a water bottle and their own ball to practice. The size of the ball required is based on the age group the player is in.

Age Group

Ball Size

U16and U14

Size 5Ball

U13and U10

Size 4Ball

U8, U6, U5

Size 3Ball

How do I find out about summer soccer camps?

CYSA typically works with a few companies to provide soccer camps in Cumberland during the summer months. We work with these companies to select the best ones for the players at the most affordable prices. See the page on Soccer Camps on our website for more information.

Can My Child Wear Any Jewelry or Earrings?

ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY, NO EXCEPTIONS. All earrings must be removed -- band-aid coverings are not allowed. This is for both practices & games. Plan ear piercing well in advance of the season, or postpone until later. "Medic Alert" bracelets worn around the ankle or wrist are not considered jewelry. They should be taped to the skin, with the medallion still remaining visible. This is due to CYSA insurance coverage, and there can be NO EXCEPTIONS! Please do not give the refs or coaches a hard time about this, especially at the younger ages.

Can I Bring my Dog to the Practices or Games?

No pets are allowed on any CYSA fields. Please abide by this rule for the safety of all players and fans attending games.

Can I play for the High School and CYSA?

To those of you who are not aware, the RI Interscholastic League is now allowing players to play the same sport for another team within the same season that they may be playing for their HIGH SCHOOL team.


The rules require that the player and their parents get a letter from the High School Coach, the AD, and the Principal allowing them to play for the other team. Also, the High School players’ first allegiance is to their HIGH SCHOOL TEAM during the HIGH SCHOOL SEASON! If the rules are not followed there are serious ramifications to the players, such as suspensions from play and having to appear before the Interscholastic League.

Where and what time will the team practice?

Teams practice at various fields throughout Cumberland. Practice fields may be located at town parks or school fields. Check the website for directions to any fields. When you hear from your coach, he or she will let you know the time and field location of your practice and games.

This information is not known until after the teams are formed. Do not contact anyone about practice times or location before you have heard from your coach.

Can I switch teams if the practice time is inconvenient?

Switching teams if the practice time is inconvenient is not permitted. Please understand that with the large number of players in Cumberland, schedule accommodations cannot be made. We ask parents to work their schedule around their player's schedule as best as possible. Younger players usually practice earlier and older players usually practice later. Keep in mind that once you have met your team, you are usually able to arrange carpools.

Can I drop if the practice time is inconvenient?

If you find that you cannot accommodate your player's practice schedule, and you feel your only option is to drop from the team, then you may do so. However, please keep in mind that our refund policy is clearly defined and you should make your request for refund as soon as possible.

When is Fall Recreational CYSA registration open?

FOR 2017: Online registration opened on April 18th.  Late fees begin after June 18th. Register by June 18th to ensure your child is placed on a team. Late registration closes July 16th.

Email reminders are sent to players registered in previous years. CYSA registration notices are regularly placed in the local newspapers. Always check the CYSA home page for up to date, or changing, information.

What are CYSA registration fees?

FOR 2017: Recreational fees for all age groups are listed below.  Registration can be done on-line and paid by credit card, or you can attend the walk-in registration and pay by cash or check. All checks made payable to CYSA.

Walk-in registration dates at the public library on Diamond Hill Road are as follows:
Saturday, June TBD: 9:00am-12:00pm

Recreational Registration Fees: $85 per child for 1stand 2nd registered children; $60 for each additional
RugRats: $85 per child
Late Fee
for registrations received after June 18th, $15 additional per child
Returned Checks: $15 charge.

What are CYSA registration fees used for?

CYSA is a non-profit organization. The fees collected are used to offset a number of expenses, which include the following: Uniforms, referee fees, trophies, special events for the U5 instructional group, balls, nets, field equipment, insurance, state registration fees, scholarships, etc.

The registration fee includes $25 worth of fundraising. For this fundraising fee, all players will receive five raffle tickets. You may choose to keep these raffle tickets, or sell them for $5 each. Players will receive these tickets in the fall with other information from their Team Parent. Players will be responsible for depositing stubs in the Raffle Ticket box at the Concession stand before the end of September. The raffle will take place each day during October. Since this fundraising fee is already included in your registration fee, you do not need to return any additional money to CYSA. If you choose to sell the tickets, the money you raise offsets your registration fee.

Why does CYSA charge a late registration fee?

CYSA charges a modest late registration fee for fall soccer after a certain cutoff date each year. This is to encourage families to register their children in a timely manner. There is an incredible amount of behind the scenes work that has to take place by CYSA volunteers, in a very short time between when registration ends and the season begins. We have to determine the number of teams, when and where they can play, how many children to put on a team, etc. The more children that are registered in a timely manner, the easier this process becomes.

Parents have two months to register their children online before the late fee kicks in. Notices are put into the local papers, email reminders are sent to the addresses in the database from previous years, and the web site contains specific information.

How does the refund process work?

Registration Fee Refunds for Fall Recreational soccer, less a $25 Administrative Fee, are offered if the registrant decides to withdraw from the program BEFORE JULY 16TH, and written notification is provided (see item about notification below.)  After July 16th, there will be NO refunds, with the following exception - full refunds will be granted to players who:

1. Have been injured PRIOR to the start of the team practices and are unable to play.  Doctors note required to CYSA from family.
Move out of the area prior to the start of the season.

Notification must be provided to the CYSA Registrar of the decision to withdraw the player from the program. This can be done by e-mail ( or by regular mail to CYSA Registrar, PO Box 7625, Cumberland, RI 02864.

After practices have begun, there will also be NO refunds.

When does the season begin and end?

The first games are scheduled for the weekend of August 26th. The instructional ages (U5, U6 and U8) and TOPS are scheduled to play eight games, while the U10s, U13s and U16s play seven games and then begin playoff games.  Week 8, season end, except for U16 playoffs, is October 21st.

Are Referees Evaluated? How do we capture Game scores?

All Coaches are strongly encouraged to fill in the blue Referee Feedback card after each game. Drop them in the boxes at the tent. Also, if you are coaching the last game of the day at the field, please pull the corner flags and put them in the drop boxes. U10, U12, and U16 coaches: Remember that all head coaches for U10 and above MUST SIGN A COMPLETED GAME CARD, and please gently remind the ref to drop it off at the tent or the appropriate drop box. This is important so that scores can get reported.

What are the official rules of soccer?

CYSA follows the official FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) rules of soccer, unless noted to the Coaches prior to the season beginning. Click Here to see the rules. {}CYSA also follows the Soccer Rhode Island ( policies and procedures.

Can I help CYSA through United Way contributions?

Cumberland Youth Soccer Association is a not for profit organization which relies on private sponsors and volunteer support to maintain its programs and activities. Please remember the CYSA through your United Way giving by designating us, by name, on your United Way pledge form.

How do I volunteer to coach?

Just Ask - we will be happy to have you coach. We need approximately 85 Head Coaches and at least 85 Asst Coaches every Recreational season. Soccer experience is not necessary, as we provide development opportunities for people who are willing to learn, including a Coaching clinic at the beginning of the season. All you need is a good attitude. If you have questions, feel free to speak with a CYSA Board member or any current coach. If you have decided to volunteer, please complete the Coach Registration form on the CYSA website. At the competitive level, CYSA will also reimburse certain coaching license fees. See the Soccer Rhode Island Coaches Education Program.

What is the Coaching Commitment?

Coaching the youngest age groups requires mostly enthusiasm and patience! U5 Instructional meets for one hour on Saturdays. All other teams have one 1-hour practice per week. The day/time/location of practice is assigned by CSA after the teams are formed in early summer. The league does attempt to accommodate head coaches who request a change to their assigned practice day/time. All teams have one game per week on Saturdays. You can get/assign a team parent to organize after game snacks, phone trees (though we did a lot by email), etc. CYSA holds a coaching clinic or two each summer, to help you out.

What is the policy around concussions?
If any child has a concussion or needs to leave a game due to a head injury, a signed medical/doctor's release note must be sent to our Player Advocate at  The PA will verify that it is safe for the child to return to play and give approval to the team coach. 

I want to print something for CYSA. Are there any logos I can use?

Sure…..feel free to use any of the CYSA logos.