CYSA Competitive Program

Where will the Competitive Teams Play Indoor sessions?

Indoor sessions play at Wide World of Indoor Sports, in North Smithfield, and may incorporate a futsal session as well within RI.  Each team will play in a division of comparable talent. 

Where will the Competitive Teams play the Fall and Spring outdoor sessions?

The teams will play in the RI Super Liga league.  All home games will be played on a CYSA home field.  Away games will vary by location throughout the state of RI.  Each team will play in a division of comparable talent.  SuperLiga offers several divisions with towns throughout RI.  Some Select program teams may play in the Northeast Soccer League.

How will the selection process work?

Tryouts will take place the end of September / beginning of October to evaluate the players.  The evaluation will be directed by the VP of Travel Programs, Competitive Director, the Competitive Committee, and the coaches.  Revolution Academy coaches will also be incorporated into the evaluation process.  The selection of teams will take place shortly after tryouts.  Depending on how many players tryout for each team, there may be multiple teams in each age group.  Also, while we do our best to ensure everyone makes a team, in some cases, there may not be enough players to field additional teams.  If CYSA cannot place a player within our program, we will work with other towns to place all interested players.

How are coaches determined?

Coaches are selected by the Competitive Committee.  Selection of coaches is based on credentials such as certification, experience, and reputation.  CYSA requires coaches to hold age specific certification, as required by Soccer RI.  We are accepting applications for coaches who are interested.  To apply, use coaches registration link.  If you have any questions regarding coaches, you may also email our Director of Coaching under the contact us page.

How do I register for the CYSA Competitive Program?

The registration opens in September and runs through tryouts.  Please watch the website for announcement of registration and the registration links.

How can I be involved?

CYSA offers many ways to be involved in the Competitive program.  Coaching applicants are always welcome.  Team Parents assist coaches with communication to parents, organization or team events, and many other functions to keep teams running.  We also have opportunities for volunteers to help with fundraising to help keep program costs down.


Will CYSA Competitive allow players from other towns?

Yes.  Players from other towns are welcome to try out for the all CYSA programs. CYSA does limit participation of non-Cumberland residents on a team to 40% of the team roster.

Will the CYSA Competitive program allow players to play on both Premier and Competitive Teams?

CYSA does not have a rule in place that restricts competitive players from playing on a Premier team as well.  Parents should also be aware of any league rules that may limit play in both programs as well.  We will ask all parents to make their coach (in any CYSA program) aware of any participation with Premier clubs, as non-compliance could result in forfeits for either/both teams.  If a parent is not sure of the leagues’ (NSL, NEP, Super Liga, etc) rules, CYSA is happy to meet with them to help interpret their options.


What is the rule on playing up to the next age group?

Players are allowed to play in the next older age group through a qualification process.  The player must finish in the top 3 of their own age group to qualify for selection in an older age group.  The player must also try out in the older age group.  Qualification does not guarantee selection to a team in the older age group – it is the coaches’ discretion to choose or pass on a player who tries up.  League rules limit a team to 3 players from a younger age group.

What is the policy around concussions?
any child has a concussion or needs to leave a game due to a head injury, a signed medical/doctor's release note must be sent to our Player Advocate at  The PA will verify that it is safe for the child to return to play and give approval to the team coach.