CSP United (CYSA Competitive Select Program)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the CSP?


Cumberland Youth Soccer's Select teams, playing in the Competitive Select Program (CSP), were established to provide Premier experience, play and coaching. Our teams continue to be successful competing at top levels across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. CSP United gives our players, as well as other out of town players, the opportunity to receive higher level experience at a lower cost than Premier clubs, and with more flexibility.


2. How is CSP different from traditional Competitive?


CSP United teams will receive more experienced coaching, additional training time, high level tournament offerings, and additional training opportunities. In return, it is expected that the players chosen for the Select teams exhibit a higher level of ability, and have a stronger commitment to the sport and dedication to the team. Teams will be formed with the intent of competing against other top level teams.


3. What leagues will CSP United teams play in?


Select teams will play in either the Mass Premier League (NSL - Northeast Soccer League) or the RI Super Liga top division according to age group and team strength and also participate in out of state tournaments to expand both the challenge and playing experience.


4. How are tryouts run?

Tryouts are run by either coaches from age groups not trying out or by New England Revolution staff members. There are also evaluators on the field that will provide their final input to the coaches. Coaches of different age groups would weigh the significance of certain abilities differently, but we will be looking at the following categories: Physical (Quickness, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Power, Flexibility, Agility), Technical (Receiving, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Heading), Tactical (Use of space, changing point of attack, creativity, vision, attack, defensive positioning), and Psychological (Desire for ball, risk taking, innovation, concentration, poise, confidence, ability to comprehend and accept constructive criticism, leadership, ‘coachability’).


While parents are welcome to stay and observe the tryouts, we ask that you refrain from coaching your children. We also ask that you do not engage in any discussion in which you compare the skill level of the children or make any comments to the evaluators to attempt to influence or gain favor with them. This is not a competition. It is an evaluation.


5. Can players ‘try up’ / ‘ play up’?

The CSP United teams will target predominately single age group teams, but boys or girls can ‘play up’ in age bracket depending upon ability and maturity. This is at the discretion of the CYSA Board and the child must try out for their own age group first.


6. Is special consideration made for positional players? (ex. Goalies)

Where applicable, coaches will provide opportunities during tryouts for positional players to demonstrate their abilities. Coaches, especially at the older age brackets, will want to consider covering all positions, including the Goalie position.


7. Do players from existing teams have to try out?  

Each year, CSP teams will require a tryout to re-select their team. No player from an existing CSP team is guaranteed a roster spot on the new team.


8. Does every player make a team? How are selections made? How is this communicated?

Not every player trying out will make a CSP United Team. With the oversight of the CYSA Director of Select and the CYSA VP of Travel Programs, the coaches of each team will make their selections for roster spots on their teams.  Coaches could use the input from the evaluators, but will ultimately be responsible for their selections based on the results of the tryouts they organize.

Each player that tries out for a team will be notified within 7 days of the last tryout, whether they make a CSP team or not. If you have not heard from CYSA within the 7 day period, please contact Curtiss Grieve, Director of Select, at select@cysa-ri.org. Please allow the full 7 day period to run prior to contacting Mr. Grieve.  Please include your child’s name and date of birth in any correspondence you send so that we may determine which coach to contact.


9. Will every age group trying out players form a CSP team?

Because we are holding tryouts for certain age brackets, it does not mean there will definitely be a team at that age bracket. We will not create a CSP team if there are not enough ‘select caliber’ players to form one or if there are not enough players to make up a roster. It is important to keep the quality of these teams at a high enough level to compete in top leagues.   2007 and 2008 rosters must have at least 15 players, 2005 and 2006 rosters must have at least 18 players, and 2003-2004 rosters must have at least 18 players.


10. For players who do not make a team, what are their CYSA alternatives?  

Not being added to a CSP roster should not discourage players. Our Competitive Program that begins in late Fall, is a great program to continue to participate in. The goal of the program is to develop skills, teach technique and tactics, and to create an environment of sportsmanship and fun.   There are also many opportunities throughout the year for additional training. Players should continue to work to improve their abilities with the goal of retrying the following year.


11. What is the policy around concussions? 

If any child has a concussion or needs to leave a game due to a head injury, a signed medical/doctor's note must be sent to our Player Advocate at pa@cysa-ri.org.  The PA will verify that it is safe for the child to return to play and provide approval to the team coach.